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Custom Wardrobes


Custom Wardrobes


Bespoke furniture for all applications!

Of course, your suggestions, ideas and inspirations are always welcomed, as often this is the way great ideas come to life.


The aim  of this service is to leave you completely satisfied with your new custom-made wardrobe.

Compartments for shoes, shoe boxes or other items can be incorporated.  Provisions for long and short clothes-hanging regions can further maximize the wardrobe’s internal space.


Internal or external drawers are options for practical and stylistic features.


Custom-made wardrobe doors can be constructed in a variety of styles, in almost any practical  size and colour.  


This means no space is wasted. Any internal divisions can be proportioned to suit your requirements.  The wardrobe’s shelves are positioned just where they are needed, in the required number, and can be fixed or adjustable.


L.A Gordon Carpentry has been producing custom-built wardrobes in London for many years.  Bespoke wardrobes present an opportunity to acquire a furniture piece which is suited entirely to your personal needs and preferences.